Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Happy Easter!  This year was so much fun Emma and Liam.  They were a little slow on the egg hunt but had fun!  They were excited to open up the eggs and get what was inside!!

Liam LOVED coloring eggs for the first time! 

The Easter Bunny landed!

(was a little worried because before bed Emma told me all the Easter Bunny brings is juice boxes because that is what Grandma put in the baskets last year that she sent up.  I was worried there were going to be some tears because there weren't any of those this year!  I think she forgot about it with all the excitement of the day!!!  Before her nap today she told me the Easter Bunny forgot her juice boxes... oops!  Guess she didn't forget!!!  She then said it is ok  you and daddy can just go buy some!  Haha of course!  I will run right out and get you some!!!) 

Left them some tools in their gator to help daddy in the yard this spring/summer!
 Time for a CNY egg hunt!  At least the snow has melted!!

 Hard boiled eggs were inside with the baskets

 Ready for church.  Ignore Emma's shoes that don't match!  I had shoes that I thought I could squeeze her foot into... I was wrong.  There was no squeezing her foot into them and Saturday night I was not going to go and buy white shoes that she would wear once. 
After church we had brunch here.  It was great... no arguing and the kids all went downstairs to play while the adults ate!  No interruptions;)

After naps we head to Mema and papas for egg hunt #2...
This little guy has so much character in that little body!!  I think there are going to be many calls and emails from teachers as he gets older!!

Liam and the girls!  Love how the all have on their bunny shirts- unplanned!

Liam and his favorite of the day!!
 IT would not be a day at Mema and Papa's without having a dance party in the room that the kids were never going to be allowed in... haha:)

What a fun day with all these little ones!  They played hide and seek while we got to eat another uninterrupted meal!  It was perfect and I never thought that would happen!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

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