Friday, April 19, 2013

Sickness, sickness, sickness...

When I think about the last year and few months for Liam that what comes to mind.  Sad to think because he is just 2 : /  I am hoping that we are finding answers and coming to an end of this little guy being sick all the time!!
Today we went and met with the allergist/asthma dr.

 It was not so easy keeping him still and from touching his back.  He just wanted to lean against me and watch a show.   He did so good getting the pricks though!  I was so proud of him. 
After the allergy testing I had to take him for blood work.  He did great there although it was not a pretty sight.  The first guy had no clue what he was doing so another guy did it and it went quick but was A LOT of blood was taken:(  Hoping all the labs for any auto immune disease comes back clear and we just have a little boy with asthma that will hopefully grow out of it like his big cousin!!

This week has been great!  We have had some great spring weather... Rain and some sun!  I will take the rain because it is NOT snow:)!!!  Even broke out the short sleeve and sandals!!!  WOO HOO spring is COMING!!

Got to enjoy some ice cream for the 1st time (maybe 2nd...)

Who is she???  She is not a fan of ice cream!
 This is a dress that a friend made for her daughter that she passed along to Emma:)  Had to get a picture of her in it for her.  She looked too cute:)

 Of course Liam had to be just like his sister:)
 My little cuties

As we all know there is a lot going on right now... I can't stop thinking about those that were injured in Boston and those that are in lock down and scared to death for their family.  I just hope this comes to an end soon for all those that are affected by this (which it looks like it might be coming to an end soon!).
I saw this on Facebook on Monday or Tuesday after the Boston Marathon bombing and loved the message and what a good reminder it is when something so horrible is going on!


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