Saturday, April 13, 2013

What we have been up to...

We have spent a lot of time inside... it has been either snowing or raining.  I am not complaining about the rain because it is NOT snow:)  Our grass is already getting so green so I don't mind it at all!  We have been able to get a little outside time and then kids have LOVED it.  They have enjoyed the swings as well (don't have pictures of that)
 Teaching them how to do Yard work at a young age:)

We got to go to the zoo with the rest of CNY over spring break.  There was one nice day and EVERYBODY too advantage of it!!  We went super fast to get out of there:)
Liam and his best buddy Natalie.  He is in love with this little girl... As soon as she makes a peep he is sure to be right there by her side or runs to let me know she is up and then goes charging to the stairs!
Natalie tested out the exersaucer at our house and she approved!  So did Liam.  He loved the new cool toy that I took out!  
IGNORE the background!!!  The playroom is a danger zone but isn't that what a playroom is for??
Was trying to be like Natalie.  He said "Yook!!!  I bay-be Nah-leee!!

 Of course on the cold snowy rainy days we have to enjoy the bounce house!  It made an appearance after being packed away for a few months!  With Liam being sick all winter it had to be put away!  We have been over 2 weeks of no medicine so we broke this out and they have been having  blast! 
LOVING the static hair!

Although this little cutie has been healthy for two weeks... He has been so sick for over a year now.  I honestly can not even begin to count how many trips to the dr's we have made or how many rounds of antibiotic he has had!  So... He is scheduled to get his adenoids out and to have his tubes putback in.  This is to hopefully make for a healthier summer  and year ahead of us!
I could not get over how big he looks and there were NO tears at the doctor!!!
Kim thought that Liam looked a bit like me and then I posted this picture and she really thought he did.  Not sure I see it but it is crazy how they can look just like Jeff one minute and then like me the next!!

 Face Time with Daddy!!

This week we have a "junk" pick up from our town and I thought it would be a good time to go through some things... junk!  I have bins and bins of school stuff that I kept and well when I go back to work it will be outdated.  I had also let the storage area of baby clothes get out of control on organized so I spent  a few nights down there doing that...  fun times!!  Wild and crazy nights here at the West Household!!!

poor Liam... 95% of this is Emma's
This is just the clothes.... and a bin or two of school stuff. One day we will have our house back and I will miss all this clutter... right now I am beginning to suffocate from it all;)

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Amy said...

You need to have another girl to make use of all of those boxes!!!! :)