Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A day at home!

Today we did NOTHING and LOVED it:)

This morning I decide to pack away some of Emma's clothes. I should have done it when we moved but had too many other things going on so today I was determined to get those 12-18 month things put away!! While we were doing that we got a surprise phone call on Skype! It was Mema!!!! Emma did great "talking" to her too. I was not sure if she would sit still long enough but she did and then she was on a mission with her clothes! We are going to try to skype as much as possible over the next 22 days because Emma and Mema will be spending A LOT of time together while I am at the hospital and then when I get home and can't pick her up:( That is going to be SO hard! I am so happy that my mom is going to come up to help during that time though!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! I know it will be hard leaving sunny warm florida to come home to snowy, cold NY but you get to see all the kiddos! It will be worth it! I PROMISE:)

I have not felt that great so great today so we did a lot "chilling and relaxing" after going through the dresser drawers. Emma absolutely loves Play with Me Sesame on Sprout so she was wanting to watch "Melmo" and "Ennnnne" (Elmo and Ernie) before bed. I of course said sure if it gave me a minute to sit and relax too:)

Emma has also started to like her paci again????? This girl can't decide what she likes! She actually is shewing more than sucking on it but I would GLADLY take the paci over the thumb right now!!! You can throw those away and keep them in their beds! I am paranoid about her , me or Jeff getting sick right now so my hands and hers are raw from washing them constantly. I don't want to leave the house for the fear of getting sick. Then it will be we can't leave for fear of the baby getting sick. Luckily we all got the flu shot and those that will be around the little guy will need to get theirs too (HINT HINT Kim! You have 25 days or so to get it!!!)!
Here is Emma sucking the paci this AM!

Hope you all have a great night.... I am heading to bed! I am exhausted from not sleeping!

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