Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doctors appointment... Almost there!!

Today I had an appointment so I dropped Emma off at Kim's and she was thrilled. When you pull out of our driveway and go the opposite direction of their house she gets mad and says "Deeeee, deeee, papa, papa, papa". Deee stands for Delaney and apparently she thinks papa lives there:) She has started to say Hadley too! She is actually really taking off with her speech (for her that is). She tries to repeat a lot, you may not be able to understand it but she tries! That is a lot more than she was doing when we had her evaluated 2 months ago!

back to the doctor appointment. I have been having horrible headache's, dizziness, nausea and just pure exhaustion the last 2 weeks. I got thinking about how with Emma I had very low iron and that they only tested me once here. My mom wanted me to mention it to the doctor so I did and he said he wanted to send me for some lab work because my blood pressure was back up and he just wanted to make sure we were still ok. My blood pressure was nowhere near where it was with Emma but still high (140/90). With Emma we got into the 180's+/who knows what... it was HIGH!!! I am suppose to call tomorrow to check about the results. Hopefully all will be clear and this little guy can hold on until the the 28th or at least the 26th when my mom and dad come home from Florida!

I have some pictures that I took today put I am to tired (lazy) to get up and get the camera and cord to upload them so I will try to do it tomorrow AM so check back:)

Almost 2 weeks away from holding our little boy!
I can't believe it is already here!!!!

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