Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missing Photos...

Our one outing in days.... maybe weeks:) We did do her hair after the photo. It is hard to get a photo without Lilly in the middle of her face!

Wearing her super cute jeggings from Aunt Haley, Uncle Craig and Ava


I am thinking she is a righty but she still does do somethings Left handed.
I will start working on a Left handed lacrosse player this summer:)

After days of staying home and not going anywhere between the weather and me just not feelign up to lugging sweet Emma around I decided to pull out the play-doh. She was not so sure what to do with it....

so we made "balls"

Danced with Scout

Fed Scout the balls
Notice all the scout materials around... we don't go far without them!

We will see what I can find to do this afternoon in all my school stuff!

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