Sunday, November 22, 2009

Step one

This is step one of the Christmas Photo shoot! We are done and it isn't 7AM yet! We have a LOOONG day ahead of us with a cranky baby! She is already down for a nap. She slept good from 9 last night until 4:30 but when she usually sleeps 5-5:30 that is not enough sleep. Poor thing is so stuffy she can't breathe and if mommy is out of sight.... beware! She has an ear piercing scream and she demonstrated this AM.... she is not afraid to use it when I am not next to her! As I said.... LOOONNNNGGG day ahead:)

Here are a few pictures....

Who is this Santa Guy that you keep telling me about???

Is this him?????

Thank you for my blankie Mommy! I love the things I can pull and try to eat!!!

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