Thursday, November 26, 2009


Can you believe it.... I stayed up until 6! I took a little snooze in mommy's arms for about 20 minutes and then got up for round two!
What fun people have after 5pm that I was missing out on.

Practicing pulling up on daddy!

I LOVE to jump!!! I will do it anywhere, on anyone!
Don't worry Daddy I stretched my Achilles before jumping!

What is this???

A Singing Moose!!!

Pictures with Great Grandma

(Is this a sign of what our picture will be with santa???)

A little Lilly time!

The boys and I! All attention is on me! I LOVE it! Got daddy and Pap-Pap wrapped around my finger:)

What is out there???

Look Close! What is in there?

Mommy thought she could lay me down after I fell asleep....

Guess again Mommy!

Look how big I am!!

Silly Time with Daddy!


We had a great time today and wish all are family could have been there! Hopefully Emma will THANK me for letting her stay up late by sleeping in! HAHA... because she went to bed 1.5 hours late.... she will be up 1.5 hours earlier....
4AM I will be waiting... Maybe I will just head to Target then!!!!

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