Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun day of vacation!

Today was a great day! I got to spend every minute with Emma(too bad Jeff couldn't get out of work early!). She took two early naps and then we went out shopping... Walmart and Target.... Looked for ZhuZhu pets for the Goode and Cerza clan... nothing! The it was back home for another nap and a long walk around the neighborhood. Now it is bed time and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner! YUMMY!!! While Emma is sleeping, Jeff is working in the bathroom the dogs and I will put up the Christmas Village and some decorations...

Here are a few pictures from today..... There will be some tomorrow in her Thanksgiving outfit!

Teasing Guinness with all her toys!

We got our 2nd Dolly Parton Book!
It has been a great week of FREE things for me this week!!!

YUMMY!!! Frozen Banana

Out for a walk...

This one is from the other morning when she was not feeling well. She loved being in the bouncy seat that had been put away!

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