Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My brain is fried right now because I am trying to finish up my conference reports that are due tomorrow.... Those that know me are probably shocked that I am working on them now and not saving them until tomorrow AM:) Well I finished conferences today so I am finally getting to the reflection....

Enough about school.... Here is some about Miss E..... I think she has some tooth movement in her mouth. She will be as happy as can be and then will let out a LOUD squeal and cry. I think I see some lumps and bumps but I think it will be another few weeks before they break through. I can't believe my baby is getting teeth! I want her to stop growing until June! She is pushing back a lot so I think there will be some trouble in December with the Christmas tree!
Mema and Papa better watch out with her getting your tree and Hadley and Delaney better be careful because she may have a few chompers to get them if they push her around too much.... with the way the three of them are growing.... Emma could be taller than them by Christmas... Just kidding Kim:) I am so excited to go home for Christmas if can't come soon enough!!!

Here are a few pictures in her Thanksgiving jammies. She was not cooperating very well.... The best one is of her feet. I know that Ava has the same ones but in the teeny baby size and I got thinking about how little her "little turkey" feet must look!

I will get this crawling thing down soon!!!!

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