Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well Emma did exactly what I thought! 3:34AM wake up call. I got her up fed her and then put her back in her bed and then Jeff got her at 4:30 because she was still singing a tune! She did pretty good today considering how off she is with time. We got her to stay up tonight until 5:00 by giving her an EXTRA LONG bath! So lets hope for a GOOD night sleep!!! In addition to that I am suspecting that there are some top teeth coming in. From what I see I am thinking she might get her fangs first like the Goode children. I guess she is trying to be like them already!
Last night she slept through all the trick or treaters! I would say we had around 30 so I have A LOT of candy left!! Maybe next year she will stay awake to answer the door for one or two trick or treaters. The dogs slept through the whole event too!

Play time with daddy

And Here is POOR Guinness!!!

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