Thursday, June 13, 2013

Schools Out For SUMMA!!!!

I could go on and on forever about this girl and how much she has changed... Mostly for the good but there is some bad too;) She is a bit more sassy but what little girl isn't???/ Or big girl for that matter!

First picture... we have one sassy hip... 2nd picture double the sass!
Look how much she has grown!!!  The shirt fits about the same but all 3.5 inches she grew from Sept to now is in her legs!!!  Emma grew just about 6 inches between her 3yo appointment and 4yo appointment! 

Emma has grown SO much socially it is crazy!  Everyone told me she would.  I seriously can not get over where she was a year ago and where she is now!  For those of you that know Emma you know what I am talking about!!!  AMAZING the change!!!

Although she really has come out of her shell and has made some GREAT friends she is still super shy around people she is not familiar with.  Once she is around you for a few minutes she shows her true personality... sometimes good and sometimes not so good;)

This si truly Emma's personality above!  Smiling and full of joy and laughs!!!  She is so excited but doesn't get she is not going back to school for a few months!  I can't wait to have summer fun with her everyday- Now we just need summer weather!!!


Today was such a rainy day so we will have to take pictures whenever it stops raining next to the big rock to see how much she has grown compared to that!!!

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Amy said...

oh good grief now you have me can she look like a baby in september now next to this last day picture! kate only grew 1 inch this year, as opposed tonher normal 6, so she is being kind and letting everyone else catch up with her..... :) happy summer!