Monday, June 24, 2013

Chittenango Falls

Today we took the kids to Chittenango Falls.  It was perfect because it has been raining for well....ummm.... about a month.  Therefore the falls were full of water! 
When we went to Florida Liam would walk NOWHERE!  He would plop his little body down in mid stride and sit until he was picked up.  I was a little worried he would want to be carried the whole way so we brought the Ergo just incase.  He didn't want to be held once.  He did the WHOLE thing!!  Emma did great too and kept saying she was a big girls and big girls don't need help.  I told her I was scared and need help.  She then with hold my hand on the steep parts:) 

SO excited they were jumping up and down so I could not get a picture:)!

We have a hiker on our hands!  He was loving it!!

Checking out the falls

 Trying to get a picture with Liam:)

 Next time we are bringing someone with us so we can get a picture of all of us!  Anyone want to come:)

Our little lefty???
 Got out a little Further with the help of daddy!!

 Pirates Booty snack break!

I think we need Cousin Ava here to show us that bugs are nice and our friends.  I could not get a cute picture of them because there may have been a MICROSCOPIC bug within  a mile radius that Emma could see!  (I guess she is like here mommy!)
 Reading the History of the falls

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