Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting too big!

This girl has the best of faces! She is very dramatic with her faces!  I can't believe that she is coming to the end of her first school year!  Next year she will go 3 days a week and then it is full day kindergarten.  BLAH.  Our district went to full day this year and I was really hoping they would stick with the 1/2 day for a few more years!!  I am not a fan of full day!

My Buddy is just SO funny Mommy!!  (that would be Liam)
I will have to do her end of the year photo soon to see how much she has grown!!
Smelling all of daddy's flowers!  When we moved in there was NOTHING in the back yard.  It was a blank slate of just grass!  Looks so much better now that there are plants and flowers!  I love it!!!

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