Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We LOVE the zoo and we will come usually once a week... but we have not been that much because it has been under a LOT of construction and has been well... a pain but I am not complaining because it is going to look GREAT when it is all done!! We decided to head there today and it was the perfect day to get out and enjoy the sunshine... Yes we saw the sun SHINE today and it was a wonderful thing to see! I actually sat outside for a little bit at naptime and just soaked up the missing Vitamin D!!!

With how many times we have been to the zoo I don't think they have ever done this:)

We spotted the wolf!
The BEST part of the zoo... The penguins!!!

Checking out the turtles and looking for the alligators
These kids are scared to Death of a fly but their favorite thing to go see... Snakes!  Really??  They were blowing kisses to them!
The highlight of the trip today is watching the construction workers work on the front!  It is going to be awesome when it is all done!  We can't wait!!!

We also can't wait until the Paw-Paw comes... took me awhile to figure out what Liam was saying:)  Octopus!

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