Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who we are:)

I am in a bit of a blog slump so I decided to play along with the Blog Comment challenge over at Jenna's Journey.  Maybe that will get me back in the swing of things!!

A little about us:
Jeff and I just celebrating our 4th anniversary!

In those 4 short years we have had lots of changes!  The biggest change of all is the addition of our daughter Ema Rose and son William (Liam) Allen.  We have also had job changes and a move from Greenville, SC to Central New York!

Emma Rose- 3/25/09

William Allen- 1/28/11

The first meeting.... Was not love at first sight:)
Still working on that Love thing!

Here it is!!  Sharing her ring pop with her brother!!!

Emma enjoying a candy Necklace at her cousins Graduation! 
Liam enjoying the rain at Cousin Mitchell's graduation Party!

 This is Who We Are...  Just a stay at home mommy and loving it and a daddy that works extremely hard to give his two little loves all they want:)


Jenna said...

stopping by from Jenna's blog! love the pictures of your babies meeting the first time! So funny!!

Chelsea said...

Hey! I am playing along with Jenna too. You have super adorable children! Love your blog!