Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there! I feel blessed to be married to one of them!  I know everyone says they are married to the best dad or have the best dad but I truly believe I am married to one of the best, was raised by one of the best and Jeff would not be the wonderful dad he is if he didn't have a wonderful role model!

Happy Father's Day and THANK you for everything that you do for us!  Emma and Liam are very lucky to have you as their daddy!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

There a million pictures I could put on here but I am not because they are most likely already on here somewhere!!!  These few pictures sum it up!

This is Jeff and Emma.  After I went home from the hospital Jeff would go to work all day and then I would meet him back at home and we would head back to the hospital for a few hours.  It was LONG days for him but he did it with a smile:)  Emma looked so tiny in his arms!  
 She doesn't look so tiny anymore!!!  After working all day at Papa's store daddy headed over to Mema and Papa's to watch the balloons go up with us!!

 We were lucky that Liam was born nice and healthy and didn't need to spend time in the hospital after I was discharged so we didn't have to drive back and forth.  When he was born I had to spend SEVERAL hours in recovery due to my blood pressure and I think they forgot about me because there was A LOT going on.  I think it was for about 6 hours....  Well for almost that whole time Liam got to stay just like this...
At 8lbs 4oz he got heavy after a few hours but daddy held him the whole time and didn't complain!!
Now this is the fun that these two have!

Happy Father's Day to two wonderful Father's that play such a large role in our lives!

Thanks for raising WONDERFUL daddy Pap-pap!!

Emma Rose and Liam

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