Friday, June 15, 2012

Flag Day!

So I have been the worst blogger lately.  I need to get out of this funk and update so my kids know exactly what they did EVERY second of Every day!  How will they go on with life not knowing;)

Yesterday was Flag Day and Aidan's school has a parade so the kids and I headed over with Aunt Kim and the girls.  It was so cute and perfect weather!
Waiting for Aunt Kim while Liam took a super quick AM nap

Trying to put her arm around Liam

You can see what he thought of that idea!

Someone is EXCITED!!!

Snack time while we wait!

The Girls!

Liam was AWESOME!  He sat in the stroller the whole time!

Here come all the kids

Aidan and a friend

This is a little boy that was born the day after Liam.  I went to HS with his dad and ran into his  aunt while walking laps after my csection.

Alex checking out Liam's snack:)

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