Sunday, April 29, 2012

where have we been

I guess we have been too busy to blog:)  Or maybe fighting sickness.  Liam has had one ear infection after another... After about 5 weeks of listening to Emma cough and sniffle, get better for a day or two and then cough, sniffle again I took her and they treated her with an antibiotic and she is finally "better".  Liam got off his and the whole time he was on it I thought he still had an ear infection and yep... He does!  Along with that he has Roseola.  Double Whammy for my boy!
I guess I haven't really taken many pictures!!  Here is Liam reading to Sabol:)  Sabol is not doing very good so I am glad I have this picture for Liam:)  As you can see Sabol was really into the reading the upside down book:)!

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