Friday, April 20, 2012

A boy and his dog...

The other day Liam took a short nap and was up before Emma so I was able to follow him around outside and take pictures.  I can only imagine all the things that were going through his head as he explores the new world outside!  Last year he laid on a blanket or was in the go-pod while we were outside... then winter came and well do I need to remind you his feelings on being outside in winter...

now with some nice days he is getting to explore....

I think I can get up this way....

UGH!!! Frustrated little boy!

hmmm... I think I see Emma and Ryan go this way...

How in the world do I get up this thing???

I'll go in this!

Checking to see if daddy's plants are coming in

What is that thing flying up there???
 Time to play with Guin-Guinn

Is she watching me still??

Fetch Guinness

(Guinness) That is as far as you can throw??

Why aren't you playing???


He is a boy!

I wonder if she will eat this...
ummmm that doesn't smell like food Liam...  Just try it!


She LIKES it!

hey!  She spit it out!!!

EAT IT!!!!

I am noticing I am going to have to keep an eye on him...  He likes to test everything with his 5 senses:  Feel, smell, see, hear and TASTE!!!
So far I have found: sticks, mulch and rocks in his mouth!  And a dog toy;)

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