Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter #2 (week late:)!)

We have been dealing with two sickies here so I am determined to get this done before June;)  We are a week behind but here we go....

After having brunch at our house we all took a nice long nap (It was wonderful;)!!).  We then headed over to Mema and Papa's to do an Easter Egg hunt and look for our baskets and have dinner.  It was so nice out that we got to do it all outside.  It was a perfect day!!!

Looking for her basket

Getting settled to hear Papa's directions for the egg hunt

Finding her eggs:)

Liam was there to cheer her on!

Hadley's golden egg

The collection

Mema, papa and the Grandkids!  There will be a retake in May with Ava!!!!


Liam LOVES his big cousin!

He watches everything he does:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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