Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Sunday was a BUSY fun filled day for the kids with beautiful weather for outdoor fun!!

We did our Easter Egg hunt inside because I thought it would be easiest to do with Liam but he didn't care... He just sat and watched Emma get all the eggs:)  We got them up around 6:45 so we could do eggs and baskets before church.  Only in Emma Style she wanted NOTHING to do with the fun at first.  She sat on the floor and sucked her thumb like "you got me up for this????"  Then Jeff showed her there was $$ or candy in the eggs and she started to perk up!!!

And she is off....
Baskets from Grndma's Easter Bunny! 

trying to figure out what Emma is doing with all those eggs...

Did not like the little piece of M&M I gave him

Finding his Easter Basket


Making ice cream for Grandma!!!

 All dressed for church...

before church even started Emma asked to go home...  I thought well we might make it 5 minutes...  She did good.  The funniest part was when they were blessing everyone with the holy water (I am sure there is a more religious word) they were really soaking you and we warned Emma it was coming but had no clue how wet she would get and of course it went right in her eye!  She whimpered for a minute.. 
Fast forward to this afternoon.  We were at a stoplight and the church was across the street.  Emma in the back tells me that daddy told me to be very very quiet... and repeated then I realized she meant at church and I said where?  Her response was at church he said be very very quiet.  Then she said I cried in church.  I said you did??  She responded yes when 'dat man threw water at me!  I almost died laughing and told her that man was the priest.  She said yay but that man threw water at me and it went in my eye. 

I will upload Easter afternoon later...  This was enough of a picture overload for one day!

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