Sunday, April 15, 2012


We have been dealing with sickness here.  For about a week/ week and a half I have thought Liam had an ear infection but no other symptoms besides cranky... so didn't think I could take him to the doctor for that- he is 14months:)  Emma came down with a nasty cold on Monday and it has hung around and Liam started with it Weds and then got the fever on and off.  Friday he was up to 103+ so I decided we would most likely be heading to the doctor on Saturday AM.  That was not a question after him waking about every hour Friday night... not normal for a baby that started sleeping through the night at 9/10 weeks!!!  The doctor didn't even get all the way into looking when she said OH MY!  This one is infected!!  So I am glad I took him or it would have been a LONG night Saturday!!!  I am worried he is going down a familiar path with his ears;(  Hopefully not.  Emma got a bunch and then only a few since 18months so hopefully he will follow in her footsteps and not his mommy!!  This weekend we spent a lot of time trying to get some fresh air to get rid of these colds and germs!!!  Sunday we headed to the zoo.  Emma wanted to show daddy around!

Love their faces in this picture!

She is a Daddy's girl!  Forget mommy when daddy is around!!

Waiting for the Elphant show!  We liked Siri from a distance... not up close!

He just sits in his stroller and smiles at all the animals through the whole zoo


These animals amaze me.  Emma and I thought it was interesting that Siri loves Jelly Beans- just like Emma:)
With Lots of Vick's on their chest, vicks plug-ins, humidifiers, advil, motrin and benedryl we seem to be on the upward swing to health:)

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