Wednesday, March 7, 2012

why I was worried...

Last week when I was at Liam's belated 12 month "healthy" visit I brought up a concerned that I had about Liam.  He turns bluish purple in his hands, feet and recently his lips too.  They also get ice cold  For awhile I thought it was just me and then one day when Kim was here she agreed with me.  My dr took the concerns serious and had us go to a pediatric cardiologist.  They did an EKG and all seemed ok with that and the dr did not hear anything to be worried about.  He did give me a name for what he has and said that he should "grow" out of it by elementary school but because he is so fair that it may be more into middle school.  I was extremely relieved to know that he is ok but when you look down at your baby and his lips are blue.... well I still worry!!

Here is a picture of what his hands look like when it happens... Sometimes they aren't as bad and other times it looks worst.

Hopefully he grows out of this soon!

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