Sunday, March 11, 2012

catch up

I  am not really sure what we have been doing... definetly not being a good blogger!  I guess I have just been enjoying my days with these two cuties that when night comes along I am exhausted and not into typing.  I thought I would do a little catch up...

Liam is keeping us moving moving moving.
He is on the move and it isn't just walking... he likes to run, climb and bite!  That is how he gets what he wants from Emma... just lean over and take a chunk out of her!  All his attempts have just been clothing (and 99% of the time she deserved it) but the other night he got her and he got her bad!  For once she was innocent.  She was just sitting playing and he crawled up and bit her.  She started to scream and so did he!   Although Liam might chomp down on you if you get too close, he is a lover.  He loves to snuggle right in and chill with you.  If I let him have his paci he will really chill but the paci is only for bedtime now so it is hit or miss with the LONG snuggles!!

Showing off his chompers!  His new nickname is Jaws!
Liam was getting to stay up later and later each night because for some reason Emma and him decide to play best right when I am about to take him up to bed so he was getting some extra play time... in turn that meant each day his wake up was getting earlier and earlier!  I moved that bedtime back to 5:30 after a few mornings of 5:15/5:30 wake ups and we are back to 6:15/6:30 or yesterday was 7:30 wake-ups!  He does not like going to bed though!  The other night we came back down to get some tylenol and he knew Emma was still outside so he went to the front door screaming and crying and throwing a mini-fit:(  Once he is up there he is fine but he puts up a fight up the stairs!!

Emma is getting excited for her birthday!  After Liam's birthday everyday was her birthday or papa's!  So she will be happy that it is almost HER day!  All she wants is a frog cake and a puppy.  Not a real puppy, a stuffed animal so it will be an easy birthday!  I hope she is always this easy:)
Emma has been going to My Gym and has been doing great.  It took her a week or too to get the sitting and following directions but she now loves going to Special Gym with daddy on Saturday's.  Liam and I go everyother week and he enjoys it too:)


Emma also announced to me that she is done playing with cars that she is going to play with dolls and Liam can have her cars.  Ha!  That love lasted through a nap!  She woke up and wanted to know where all her cars were.  I thought she was done so I picked them up;)  As you can see they are both still in LOVE with things with wheels!!
(the doll was still close by)

We have made a lot of these "yogurt bites". Both Emma and Liam LOVE them.  They have been great for a teething little boy!
Hopefully now that there looks to be a "trend" in nice weather we will be getting out and about and doing more so there will be more exciting updates then... we played in the playroom, we bounced in the bounce house...  Maybe Jeff will get some more exciting pictures in China next week and I can act like that I actually got out of the house;)

Just because: 
He loves fruit:)

She loves her technology (like daddy) and Bolt!

Sorry this is so scattered.  I have been trying to get it done for about a week;)

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