Monday, March 26, 2012

Emma's 3rd Birthday!

Emma's 3rd birthday was pretty low key... I am not into doing the "big" birthday thing.  We did a birthday party for Emma the first year and that was enough for a few more;)  Grandma came and Emma could not have been more excited to have HER grandma!  Apparently she is nobody else grandma.  Just HERS:)  She was not so happy to see her leave this AM;(  Luckily the little boy I watch was almost here so that made her happy that she was going to be able to show Ryan all her new things!!
Emma's cousin Delaney was sick AGAIN:(  so her and Hadley did not come but Aunt Kim and Aidan did.  Aidan is such a good kid!  I don't think coming to a 3 year old birthday party was on the top of his list of things to do but he did it with a smile and I think he enjoyed the cupcakes and some of Emma's toys;)  Mema and Papa were here too(no pictures to prove it)!!!
There are mema and papa's legs:)
Emma had a great time with just a few people and it was so easy for Mommy and daddy too!  Maybe one year she will have a "real" birthday party.  Until them... the family one will have to do!
Loves her Mermaid from Aidan, Hadley and Delaney.  I think H and D will be getting  the same thing for their birthday in a few weeks to prevent fights at Mema's pool:)

Grandma had to "eat" a lot of birthday cake with Emma this weekend!  After she left Mommy and Daddy had too!

Emma even let Liam help:)

What else is left in here???

Liam threw all the dress up clothes out and thought the princess box looked fun!

Riding the plasma car with Aidan
 Cake and cupcake time

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