Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Emma Rose!!

Dear Emma,
Three years ago we were blessed with the sweetest baby girl!  I look at you now and think how amazing it is that you are now a big 3 year old!  You were the smallest little peanut I had seen.  You may have been small but you showed us your lungs worked within seconds.  You voiced your opinion to those doctors that you were NOT ready to join the real world!! 

I know to some people you were big but at 5lbs I thought you were teeny!!!!  After a week of struggling to eat and keep your body temp regulated you came home at just over 4 lbs.  You were in the less the 1% and now you are up to the 90% or so!  Just amazing! 

Now look at you!  39 inches or so and maybe 33ish pounds!  And you still like to voice your opinion loudly- especially to your brother!!! 

It is crazy to me how much you have grown!

Testing out the plasma car with Aidan! 

Getting shy for Picture time!

This Birthday stuff is HARD work!!

Frog Cake from Heather!

enjoying her frog cupcakes

When I look back at the last year you have grown a great deal.  Last May we went to the dr for your 2 year check-up and you were only saying maybe 10 words at the most.  Now.... you are non-stop, complete sentences, conversations and .... attitude:)  That comes with being a girl I guess;)

We hope you have a wonderful day and can't imagine what a day would be like without your smile and hearing you say I love you soooo much!!!  You bring much joy and laughter to those around you! 


Cakebatter pancakes.  Not exactly how I wanted them to turn out... but it worked:)

This year ALL you wanted for your birthday was Bolt!  We were able to fulfill that wish and hope that every year it is that easy:) and we can get you exactly what you want!!!  For some reason I am thinking in a few years it will be more then a 11$ stuffed animal!!!!

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