Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

We started our day with a Green Breakfast!  Liam did not get it because he was in for his nap when Emma decided it was time to get up!

After Liam woke from his nap we head to Skaneateles... much different from St. Patrick's day in the past;)  We went to get the kids their new sandals for summer and They did not have a pair for Emma:( But she got a new fleece as I think I SQUEEZES her into her old one for the last time!  Liam got new shoes... not my first choice but they were one sale so they will have to do for this year!

just realized the pant legs;)

 Some pictures of Liam outside while Emma was still snoozing....

Today will have to be an Emma Photo shoot day:)  If she cooperates!

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