Monday, December 26, 2011


Last year this time I was ready to POP!  I was not sure I would make it to January 28th, which was the scheduled csection!  I knew it was best for Liam to stay put for a few more weeks, as we had been down the born to early route with Emma but I was ready to meet this sweet baby.  This year we had a VERY excited 2.5 year old and a very curious almost 11 month old who wanted to get into everything!  It was perfect to see the magic through their (mostly Emma's) eyes.  Emma asked if Santa comes when it is dark last night... NOPE!  Once a year is good!  It is too exhausting to be a few times a year!!

Saturday was a day for Pj's until it was time to get dressed for Church

What???  Who me????

Learning what to do...

Helping Emma
All dressed up for Church and would rather play with the tree then look at the camera
They may not be looking but I love this one!

and he is done!

was not happy to get caged!

After Church we went up to Aunt Kim and Uncle Eric's house for Christmas Eve festivities.  Eric's family comes up every year and we just crash the party:) Luckily they are nice enough that they don't mind:)  This year was super sweet because Eric's mom and sister got gifts for the kids too.  It was so nice and thoughtful of them to think of Emma and Liam as well.  They loved the gifts too (we have had a bopping penguin all day:)!!!)

Liam Chowing down!!!

Showing off his walking skills!!!

Look Mema!!!  I can do it one handed!!

I think the Wii game was a hit that Emma and Liam got for Aidan:)

The Girls and their grocery carts!  Thanks Uncle Eric, Aunt Kim, A, D &H!!  We love it!!

A special gift from Daddy!

Her very own Hess Truck!

I think she is in LOVE!

And off she goes!

Sweet baby boy staying out of the chaos!!!

Liam and Scout! Got a little help from all the excited 2 &3 year olds!!

Emma showing him how to use it!

Realizing how long this is and I have to go through and edit Christmas pictures so....  come back later for more:) 

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