Thursday, December 29, 2011

11 months!!

I can not believe that this sweet baby boy is 11 months!

He has LEARNED so many new things this month and this mommy is not ready for them all to start:)
Liam will now wave bye-bye when he wants too;)
He also LOVES to walk behind things but gets mad when he hits the wall as he is not able to figure out how to turn it to avoid the blocks:)
Liam has 4 top teeth (2 have broken through and 2 are in) and two bottom teeth.  He is still nawing away on everything so I am sure there are more.

Liam is still a great sleeper.  He sleeps 12-13hours at night and takes 2 naps.  AM nap is usually 1.5-2hours (it is shiortening to 1.5 most days and every few days 2) and PM nap is 2-3+hours.  The night time sleep has not been great this month.  I am thinking it is all the teeth.  He is waking 1-2 times a night but almost every night goes back to sleep in a minute or two on his own.  If not I go in and give him his paci and he goes right to sleep.  I guess I can't complain about that but for him it is unusual!

He says mama, dada and ba-ba(bye-bye, again when he wants to), Will also do how big is Liam??  SOO big! 
Liam senses when the gate is off the steps and RUSHES at full speed to the stairs and starts climbing as fast as he can!
He is a climber!  Might be out of a crib before Emma;)

Table food is just about it for this little man.  He wants NOTHING to do with a spoon and uses a cup at all meals!  His cups are whole milk and bottles are about 1/2 milk 1/2 formula.  Not much longer and we will be done with bottles and formula!!!!
Liam had his 1st Christmas and seemed to enjoy it... just like every other day:)  
He was not a fan of Santa so mommy got in the picture to be with santa!
These two are for the Christmas Card that did not happen...

I think one of the things he enjoyed most about Christmas was all the singing/dancing snowmen, reindeer and whatever else.  He would just bop away to them

Loves his Daddy!
He also LOVES his big sister!!

I did a quick length and weight on Liam.  He was about 31 inches which is 95%, he is starting to drop in % there and about 20-21lbs and that is between the 20-30%.  With how much food misses his mouth... he might be down to single digit % soon!
This month he also went to a "big" boy car seat!!

I have decided that there may be many phone calls from teachers about Liam.  I think he will try to be the class clown already!  He will often do something and then look to see who is watching him and then start laughing.  I already see more gray hair coming in... but how can you not love this sweet face!!!

Love these two!!!

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