Monday, December 26, 2011

Perfect Christmas continued!

Our tree and the goodies that Santa left:)

Liam woke up and he did not care about the presents.  Went right to his FP nativity set

Now he is itching to get at the presents before Emma got up

We gave in and let him play with one while he waited for his sister to get up.

was not happy about the exersaucer!
When Jingle left with santa he left a present for Emma and Liam.  He leaves them a pair of slippers each year.  Emma loved her slippers this year compared to last year!

Her reaction was much more pleasant this year!
Sleeping beauty decided (after mommy woke her up) to join us!
We were heading over to Mema and Papa's around 9:30 so I decided to wake Emma around 7:30.  That would allow us time to open gifts, let Liam nap and let Emma play a little.  It all went as planned.  I was not sure how she would do being woken up as last year was a FLOP!  She did good and was excited that santa came!
I think someone is happy!

Her first remote control car from Grandma!

"showing" Liam how to use his presents!
Aunt Haley, Uncle Craig and Ava sent kitchen appliances that make noise.  They were a HUGE hit!  Emma LOVES them.  The first thing she asked for Monday AM was her machines! 

She must have known we were up late with santa because she was making us coffee

Liam playing with his ball popper. 

Cars racetrack!

all those toys and he finds the nasty dog toy!  Always!

Love the magic of the day through a 2 year olds eyes and I know it will only get better!

Riding her horse from Grandma!
After Liam got up from his nap we headed over to Mema and Papa's to see what Santa left us there!

Liam's airplane rocker

Emma trying out Hadley and Delaney's horsey "Fanny"

She was done with the day by now!  This is her dog house made by Papa!

The new puppy and his home

Liam is loving the dancing penguin from A,H and D's Grandma and Aunt! He has been boogey around this house!!

Play tent from Mema and Papa!
The end of the day we headed up to Aunt Kims again.  I was done with pictures by then.  Just imagine a 10.5 month old, 2.5 year old, 2- 3.5 year olds and a 6 year old running around playing with new toys!  CHAOS:)

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