Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night we decorated our tree with Emma.  She got a new Mater ornament and that seems to be all she really cared about once it was hung up.  She had a great time and got to join in our tradition (2nd year) or Frozen Hot Chocolate.  She liked her special drink but think he favorite part was the whipped cream:)

Liam didn't stay up for decorating the tree... Past his bedtime:) 
Always so serious!

Santa's Little Helper!

Helping Mommy make the Special drink


For mommy and daddy!

NOT HAPPY that Mater is on the tree and she can't play with him;)
LOVE the faces!!

The toy mater will have to be ok:)

A girl, her cars and her bows;)

Liam checking out the tree...  This is what you have to do with a curious 10 month old in our house!

He is a climber

Peek a boo with daddy!

Not sure I ever posted a picture of the Tree Jingle brought for Emma:)

Sharing Zhu Zhu's.  Emma loves them and Liam loves to shew on them!


Happiness Is... said...

Those are all so cute! I just love the holidays!

Jillian said...

These jammies are adorable, where oh where did you get them?