Saturday, November 26, 2011

We are alive!!! (long and LOTS of pictures!)

It has been a long time since I have written much!!!
Let's go back to this picture that I posted and never wrote what happened...
We went to the library Liam was sitting in his stroller in the seat not the carseat.  We were out in the parking lot and Aunt Kim and the kids came.  We waited for them to get out of the car to say hi...  fast forward...  Emma ran over to me and I bent down to pick her up.  In split second I here the crash, see my sisters face and hear her saying THE STROLLER!!!  Liam's stroller did not lock in place and it rolled off the sidewalk and flipped twice!  When I turned around he was pinned under it and started to cry a few seconds later.  I was shaking so bad it was hard for me to unbuckle him!!!  I grabbed him and did not want to look for the fear of blood... but there was none just a NASTY bump.  A nurse was there and insisted that we called 911 and get an ambulance because it was his head.  So this little guy had his first ambulance ride!  We spent the day there!  He was ok and the bruise was almost gone by the morning it was crazy.  Emma was very excited that Liam bumped his head because she got to go to Aunt Kims and then she was more excited to sleep in Aunt Kim and Uncle Erics room!!!  Now everytime we go to the library she says "YAY!!  Liam bump head and I go to Aunt Kim's!"  Hopefully that never happens again!!!

Watching Emma outside!

Liam wants to join the fun!
 We have had such a beautiful fall!  It is 11/26 now and it was close to (or warmer) then 60 today!  just crazy!  Emma enjoyed her first time jumping in the leaves!

 Liam enjoyed his first swing.  Emma enjoyed pushing him "gently"

Perfect Chew toy:)
 He really wanted to play in the leaves too!!!
Can't you tell:)

apparently she thought she needed to feed Liam the leaves
Someone is getting BIG!!!  Look what he is beginning to do!!!

Baby Gates are back on!

Spending time with Sabol!

she lets the kids do anything!  Great dog with the babies!!

Time for Christmas Toys to come out!!! 

Big Boy eating Sunday Dinner at Aunt Kim's!  Can't believe how big he looks!

Taking a "Christmas" Picture for a project;)

Could this little turkey get any cuter??!
 On Wednesday we got all the Christmas gifts in the mail!  One gift got to be opened early!  THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!  Emma LOVES her new carpet!!

 Trying to get a picture of Emma in her Turkey Dress

 The two turkey's

look at that look she is giving him!  Yikes!

And... Liam is done!
 Aunt Kathy has a craft for the kids and Emma loved coloring her reindeer with her Big cousin Claire!

Her FAVORITE part of the day!!

Christmas Jammie time!

Kid table

The Twins

Chocolate Turkey... YUMMY!!

Emma was not having picture time!!

The "first" gift of Christmas!

 Another fisher price Christmas toy!  I think Mema kept them in business this year:)
Emma got to stay up SUPER late in her world to watch two movies!  We watched Jingle all the way and Elf on the Shelf movie.  They were both so cute and she loved laying on her new carpet watching them (told you she loves the carpet Grandma!!!)

Off to look for the PERFECT Christmas tree at Papa's store!  Hard to believe that Liam will almost be 1 year old on Christmas!  Crazy how fast time goes and last year I was ready to burst:)

Getting some Delaney Love!


Makes me laugh!

The weather today reminded me of the weather in SC for the first Christmas tree hunt with Emma!
It is rare here but I'll take it for a few more days and then bring on the snow for Christmas!!!

Hopefully after this LONG entry I will get back on track with updating!  I guess these two little ones keep me busy!!!

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