Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Liam started hisday like every day.. Watching Good Morning America. He was really into watching Robin and George on Monday!

It must have been a VERY serious news story!
Not happy I interrupted his news time!

When Emma woke up we made Candy Corn Cookies.  We had plans to make them and do a craft with Hadley and Delaney but poor little Delaney is so sick that they couldn't come.  So instead Emma and I made them and then delivered them to the Goode's.

At least someone is interested in the potty seat:)

I started to have the Mommy guilt of not having pictures of Liam with a pumpkin like I do with Emma.  So we headed outside for a quick photoshoot....

I then remembered I have none of Emma from last year because we were living in the extended stay hotel...  So not feeling as guilty anymore:)
The best I could do:)

She is trying to hug Liam in the pictures below... not strangle him!!

My baby Emma is getting so tall!!!
Our Little Clifford was BEYOND excited to go trick or treating!  I did not expect that excitement at all!

Heading out to her 1st house!

and the 2nd house!!  Already being carried:)
And that was it:)!!
Lighting the candle for trick or treaters to come to our house!
Liam was all snuggled up with me as a doggy:)
He was happy until I put him down!

His teeth crack me up in this one.  if you know who Mater is from Cars... he could be our mater with how his teeth look!


I hope you all had a safe and fun day and night!!  
Next up Thanksgiving and then

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Amy said...

CUTENESS!! You didn't want to carve pumpkins at Extended Stay?? Hah! NEXT UP is Baby George being born and THEN Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, that is the order I am counting on :)