Thursday, November 17, 2011

9 months!

I can hardly believe that this baby boy is 9 months! NINE MONTHS!!!! How can that be???
Liam is still the sweetest baby boy ever! I have been so blessed with him!
At 9 months Liam is starting to do a bit more... Therefore he keeps us busy and Keeps Emma super busy putting all her things out of his reach!

Liam has started to want to eat more at one sitting.  He either gets 1jar or 2 ice cubes at breakfast/lunch and dinner.  For a bottle he eats 5 or 6oz but is really starting to want 6 most of the time!  He is getting big!!!

Liam continues to be a fabulous sleeper (we were very blessed again with that!)  He sleeps from 5:30-6 at night (an occasional wake for the paci- usually before 11pm) and then takes two naps most days 1.5-2hr AM nap and a 2+hr afternoon nap.  I can't complain about that!!!

At times I feel like he may think he is an only child!  He gets up and then goes down for a nap before Emma gets up!  They have some time together then afternoon naps.  He usually is getting redy for dinner/bath/bed when she gets up:)
Loving on his cousin Hadley!

getting some love in return!
Liam adores his cousins.  He just smiles and laughs whenever Aidan is near!  It really is sweet! 

the serious side of Liam
Looking at these pictures I am starting to see an handsome little boy.  He is getting that toddler look and putting the baby days behind him:)  I can't believe it is almost his 1st birthday!!!!

We go for his 9 month apt at the end of November when he will really be 10 months...
If I had to guess I would say 20lbs and about 31 inches(I have tried to do some measuring!)

*** This has been done I just did not realize I had not hit published:(  Sorry Buddy!

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