Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday!!

Happy 10 Month Birthday Liam!!!
I know I say this every month but... 10 months how is that possible!?!?!
Today we went for his 9 month well baby check (ooopppss!) and we have a beautiful, very healthy, very tall and very skinny 10 month old!!  (words of the dr!)

Liam measured in at 19lbs 15 oz and 31 inches.  This makes him in the 98% for height and 26% for weight!  (Kim he is going to give D some competition with the weight:)  Although his % is double digits:)!!)
between 9 and 10 months Liam has done A LOT!!!

Liam had his VERY first and hopefully last ambulance ride (see the post below) and first ER visit

Liam has been doing the army crawl for awhile but he has started to crawl more (especially since getting an area rug).  He moves pretty fast but knows he can get there faster by army crawl so he goes back to that.
Liam is pulling up on everything!  NOTHING is safe anymore!  Emma no longer has a safety spot for her things:)

Liam LOVE, LOVES crawling up on the trampoline.  He loves to stand on it and pretend to bounce.  Both him and Emma love to jump on it together.  Ummmmm that might last a few more weeks.  He also discovered the stairs and has made it up a few!

Just recently he has been going in the bounce house with Emma and they both love that.  He just laughs at her and she gets sillier and sillier by the minute when he is in there!

Click here to see better:)

Liam is still a fabulous sleeper and sleeps 12-13.5 hours at night, 1.5-2hour AM nap and a 2+hour PM nap:)  My boy likes his beauty sleep.  The last two weeks he has been not him normal self and was waking at night and not taking great naps:(  We are back on track though!  It just reminded me those few nights getting up once or twice to calm him down how blessed I am with both Emma and Liam that they allow us to get full night sleep every night:)!!

Liam eats a total of a jar or 2-3 ice cubes of food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Most fruits and Veggies I have frozen and the "meats" I buy.  He takes 4-6oz bottles depending on which bottle it is and is starting to use or play with the cup more!

Liam is a VERY lazy baby and still won't hold his bottle but I did get him to hold it once:)

possible sneak peek at what is on the Christmas Card


Mackenzie said...

I just saw your "monogram swap" post on Kelly's Korner blog. Do you have any "E" or "Emma" clothes, bibs, burp cloths, blankets, etc. from when your Emma was smaller? If so, I would LOVE to buy them from you. I could use any size, as my hubby and I will be adding an Emma to the family in the near future :). Feel free to email me if you have anything you'd like to sell!

vaneblu said...

aww I also have a baby Liam, and though you were selling :) Your boy is CUTE :)