Sunday, October 23, 2011


Friday we went to the Zoo Boo!  Emma was so excited to go and be Clifford the Big Red dog (in her words).  She Kept asking if Daddy was home to go to the zoo! 

Getting Ready for The Big Red Dog Debut at the ZOO!
 Shaking it like Cleo (the purple dog in Clifford!)
 The head piece that she is not interested in but someone else likes:)
 This is a blurry picture but it truly shows the excitement that was inside this little 2.5year old body!!

 Here are the attempts of a shot of the cousins....
At least they all stood in the same picture
 Power Range doing his job!
Emma thinks he is hilarious!

Emma will do ANYTHING that Aidan does!  
She adores him it is so cute!!

 Checking out the pumpkins.  We have not carved pumpkins yet.  We will do it next week so this was something new for her to see!

 Doing the Hula Hoop with daddy!

Love this one.... 
Emma is looking at the Pumpkin like it is going to attack
Delney looks like she just saw a ghost and wants to stop taking pictures
and then there is Hadley...
Mommy is this pose good???  Here I will do another one!

Watching the Juggling man

 Aidan go to go up on stage and have a turn!

 And what we were waiting for...

Emma LOVES LOVES LOVES the bubble man

Shaking like Cleo again!

Daddy and Clifford on the way out!
Emma has insisted that She is going to be Clifford for Halloween (check) that Liam is going to be T-bone (sort of he is going to take pictures in Superman and a dalmation), that I am Cleo (I am sure I can find a purple shirt to satisfy that) and that daddy is going to be a PRINCESS!!!  Apparently daddy was a Penn State Princess:) 
***There are no picture of Liam because he got to stay home.  It was too cold for a little one and was past his bed time by the time we left.  He got to spend a little extra time with Mema before they head to Florida.  We will get pictures of him dressed up today when we go trick or treating at Mema and Papa's house:)

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