Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Fun and sickness:(

We were SOOOO excited to have Grandma come visit as you can tell from the prior video!  We had a fun fun weekend planned but the weather gods and sickness gods had other plans for us:(  We still had fun just not what we planned to do... with a little sickness to it too:(

Friday we headed to the zoo in the AM because the sun was out and it was beautiful (we knew what was on its way!)

 By Friday afternoon sickness started to take over and Miss Emma was feeling pretty sick.  Emma has always been a great sleeper and Friday she really fought us in going to sleep and just cried and cried so I knew something was wrong... We headed to the Doctor Saturday AM and ear infection for Emma. 
Saturday was a cold, rainy day so we just stuck around the house and played and sewed with grandma!  Emma could not have been happier to have her staying here and having Grandma to play with WHENEVER she wanted!!

Mack did a GREAT job helping grandma!!!
This little guy made a turn for the worse when I got home from the Dr's with Emma and I knew we would be heading there Sunday with this cutie!
This little guy was not happy at all on Saturday night.  I can't tell you the last time he has woken at night for more then a pacifier and he was screaming and screaming.  So off to the dr. we went in the AM...  Double ear infection for him.  Along with that getting 4 top teeth probably is not helping with the sick crankiness!
After a good nap by both Mema came over to watch Liam so we could go to the pumpkin patch with Emma and not take him out in the colder weather...
Picking out the perfect pumpkin(with Mater and McQueen)

After the Pumpkin patch Grandma taught Emma and mommy how to do some sewing:)

skirts for emma

A fall dress for Emma
We had such a GREAT time with Grandma even if we were sick and grouchy! Hopefully she stays healthy and will come visit soon when we are healthy!!!  Of course this weekend is suppose to be 75 and sunny! 

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