Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Week

We really have not been up to a whole lot this week...  It is getting colder so the fuzzy jammies are staying on longer and longer each day:)  Yesterday I had my MRI in the AM so I had to wake up Emma to drop them off at Kim's bright and early!!  So they got to stay in their PJ's all day- it was just too cold to change when we got home and was almost nap time... Why change into clothes at 4pm after nap????  We just put on different PJ's:)

This little guy has been up to A LOT!!  In less then 24 hours he got up on all 4 and started "crawling" sliding backwards and then when I went in after his nap he was sitting in his crib!!!  Stop getting so big!!!  SLOW DOWN:)

Although he is getting so big he looks so tiny trying to crawl!

He is really into blowing raspberries ALL the time! 

Both kids were enjoying a Morning of watching "Cars".  I think Liam likes it too:)

Wednesday we went to an Open Gym to play and the kids were dressed for Halloween so I thought I would TRY to get a picture together... Haha.  I will have to photoshop pictures together until they are 16:)

Showing off his teeth

And he is done.  Emma is sitting on the arm of the chair and Liam is going to the other!
While Emma was still napping I decided to let Liam sit in "HER" chair.  He loved it!

So Proud!

And.... that only lasted for a few minutes:)

Hopefully we will have something more excited to post this weekend or next week. Although I am not so sure what that will be... we do the same thing each week... Playgroup Tuesday, Open Gym Weds and Library on Thursday:) Exciting life we lead here!

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