Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where are we??

Looks like I took a little break.  Nothing to exciting has been going on... fighting teeth and colds:(

Emma loves the IPAD so one day while I was trying to do some picking up I thought why not let her layon my bed and play for a little bit so I can actually get something done without her tearing apart another room.  It worked like a charm:)
We have not carved pumpkins yet... Emma has never carved one.   We will do that next weekend but we let her do some painting last weekend.  She loved it but did not love being DIRTY!  After a few minutes she needed a bath because she was dirty!

Thinking hard!


Can't forget this handsome little guy:)

Loves his Frankenstein!!

She does play with him every once in awhile!!!  When she does she is wonderful with him so maybe there is hope:)

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