Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What we have been up to...

Saturday we had family pictures taken.  I feel bad because Liam has not gotten pictures taken yet but as everyone says many of my pictures are professional enough.  Lets just say he is not lacking in 2nd child photos:)  I wanted a few individual and some of all of us.  Heather got her money's worth trying to get an active 2.5 year old and a curious 7 month old to look at the camera at the same time. 
Afterward we had pizza with the Goode's and Mema and Papa. 

 Emma has a new found love of swinging!  I think she would swing 24hrs a day!!!
smiling at Aidan running around shooting water guns with Uncle Eric

 The many faces of Liam.  He can go from smiling to screaming an .0001 seconds! 

Gangsta Aidan!

Emma wanted Liam to have a turn...

Late night at Aunt Kim's and VERY tired!
Sunday Morning we made some banana bread.  Emma asked if we were making bunny cookies.  We made those for Easter and apparently she still remembers!
Monday I decided to dare the zoo by myself.  We only had one small meltdown because a Tractor came up behind us and Emma was up in front of me.  She loves cars and tractors but not in real life!
Riding the Elephant! 
 One of the Tigers at the zoo just had triplets and they have just started to come out for people to see.  I was excited to see that they were out because my sister had just said how the mom and babies have been hesitant in going outside. 

Liam was getting a little hungry I guess!

Today is just a beautiful "Fall" day so we decided to stay home and enjoy the sun and weather!

First we broke out the fall decorations and Liam loved this toy that Aunt Tammie gave Emma last fall.  He was laughing so hard at it until it stopped dancing and then I think he got a little freaked:)

a little distraction!

 Sporting some SU gear on a gorgeous fall Morning!

 We finally got a new bubble machine and Emma was loving it because the wind was blowing so the bubbles were flying around like crazy!

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