Sunday, September 18, 2011

AUTUMN is here!!

I love fall! For me there is nothing better (besides waking to the sounds of the ocean) then waking up to cool, well... cold temps in the 40's drinking my pumpkin spice coffee and then having the temps warm up into the 60's and 70's and cooling off so you can be all bundled again for bed! I love it! I also love all the fun things there are to do!

We have been working with sharing at the West household.  When Emma HAS to have a toy that Liam is using, she needs to give him another toy to play with.
This is the toy that she gave him the other day...
 Yes, she gave him this toy because she does not play with dolls!  So she decided to give him something that she would not want!  SMART girl:)

This picture below...will be used one day to embarrassed my sweet baby boy:)
1st girlfriend, year book photo, wedding slideshow....  I will cherish this one:)
Liam gets so excited when he sees a toy that he likes!  I love it!

Trying to get a picture but he would rather eat the blanket!


Mr. Liam saw something that he WANTS



I GOT IT!!!!

This weekend we had a busy weekend! Yesterday we went to an event that 'Helping Hounds' was having and Emma LOVED it! There were so many dogs she didn't know what to do! She ran around for about an hour looking at the dogs and talking to them!
Checking out the puppies!

She LOVED this one... so did I:)

Liam and his CRAAA-ZZZYYY hair! 

Emma and her puppy again! 

She then fell in love with Sadie!

What a cutie!!!
 Due to the COOOLLLDDD nights we have had to get out the fleece sleepers.  Emma just got a new princess one from Mema and Papa! 

Before I upload pictures from apple picking today I need to edit the 200 pictures that were taken:) While you wait for those here are some more of this sweet baby boy!!!


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Katie said...

I have to same types of pictures of my Liam kissing a baby doll!!! Definitely keepers for future gfs!