Thursday, September 1, 2011

Visitors from California!

My brother and his family came for a few days and we are so excited to see them!  Mostly we are super excited to get to see Ava (not that we don't want to see Craig and Haley!).  Last night they came over for dinner and the kids got to play.  Unfortunately my sisters girls are still a bit sick so she kept them home so just Aidan got to come play! 


Emma is still working on the skill of sharing!!!  We are working very hard at it but she does not understand the concept that if someone is using one of her toys she will get it back that they are not going to take it!  I guess with practice she will begin to see that and with Liam on the verge of being mobile in the next few months she will REALLY learn it!!!  She is very possessive of her cars so sharing those did NOT go over well!  So once we went down to the bounce house all was well in the world:) 

Who do you see Ava?

After eating pizza we headed outside and got rid of some energy!  Emma of course thought Aidan was the FUNNIEST thing ever.   She sure does adore Aidan!!

"I do! I do! Yike Aidan!"

This is fun!

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