Monday, September 5, 2011

A rainy day

Today was a rainy rainy day... a little strange being the "last" day of summer!  We have had the hottest summer and I would have thought that the "last day of summer would be hot!  It was a cool rainy day.  After a shopping trip in the AM we spent sometime in the basement playing....
Happy boy!
(picture Below)  
Notice Emma's foot in the corner... He has eyed something that he WANTS!!!

 He is OFF to get it!!!
 Just imagine that sweet little girl saying NOOOOO LIAM on the top of her lungs!  
 Emma then moves ALL her cars away from Liam.... He will get back to them!

 Maybe she is going to share????
 NOPE Mack backed up as soon as Liam got his hands on him!
Emma did give him another toy to chew on!
 The SAFETY zone!

Mom, Why am I locked up????

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