Thursday, December 3, 2009


The lack of post is because Emma and I are both sick- YUCK!!!

Emma has ear infections and thrush and I just have a cold with a killer sore throat. Not so fun when you have 18- 6 and 7 year olds all day VERY excited for Christmas!!!
The Elf on the shelf should be arriving this weekend to watch over my little friends... I can't wait to see how they act with our friend in the room!!! What a fun age this is!!!

anyways... here are some photos of miss E! The real reason you come on here....

Emma got a hold of Guinness's toy and just laughed as G was crying to get her toy back. It was funny. G was so good!!! She would put her mouth on the toy but never tried to pull it out of her hands. It was preparing her for the tail pulling that will come soon!

Look what I got..... haha!

What?????? Do you want this back????

G: "PLEEEEAAASE Emma can I have my toy????"

E:"Haha! I don't think so!!! I think I want a toy like this!"

G:"Why can she have my toys and I can't have hers??????!!!!! Geez! life is NOT fair!"

I KNOW, I KNOW.... Why am I letting her play with Guinness's nasty toy.... Well daddy was going to get us some Bag Balm for the diaper rash and Aveeno baby bath for the diaper rash. It was past her bed time (it was 5:15:) haha!) and I was doing anything to keep her awake. She was a party animal! Made it to 6pm last night!!! Tonight on the other hand.... I think we might have made it to 5PM! Daddy is still not home(8pm:( ) so she decided she was going to go to bed if she wasn't going to see him.... She will be out until 6 tomorrow so I won't complain. I got some work done and a blog entry in!


Thanks Lisa for my jammies! They fit:)!!!

One of the only ways she will eat a bottle now! Getting SOOOO BIG! sad to think in about 4 months no more bottle:(

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