Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing to say but WOW!!!!

49 hours later and we made it!!!!
It all started out by plane... which you all KNOW IS a DISASTER with me. We got to CLT airport and made it through the security and thought we were good to go because the plane was on time. I get a call from my mom to find out it is delayed... They would update the flight status online first so I kept seeing it pushed back and pushed back. When I was told I may not get to the connecting flight and that they didn't know when they would get me to Syracuse.... we decided to start the drive!!!! Jeff was going to be driving the next day so he got the car packed came and got us and off we went.... We got a hotel at Lake Norman and stayed the night... only a little drama- the lost of a wedding ring in the sluch/snow... it was found though!!!
We got up the next morning and started the drive. We started off slow but thought we were going to be ok until the phone call. 9.7 miles from 81 and my dad called to say they were going to closing 81. We decided to make the drive to Pittsburgh and then to Syracuse. It took us 3.5 hours to go that 9.7 miles! It was the LONGEST and SCARIEST drive. It took us 14 hours to get to Pitt!
Emma was the BEST baby!!! She cried once the whole day. It was at about 3:00 when she gets fussy anyways. She then fell asleep for a bit and was good to go again!
We got to my sister in lawas parents house to spend the night!
I never in a MILLION years thought I would say I was so happy to see PA and Pittsburgh!!
We got on the road again. We got here at 2:30 and we were so EXCITED to be out of the car!!!!
There is A LOT more to this story but not sure I want to remember it all:)
I am so thankful to be here and safe and that Emma only cried two times on the WHOLE trip(in the car).... going to bed in a new place was difficult.
She is back on track and we can place her in the crib and let her go to sleep.
Hopefully I trip home will be less eventful!!!
Pictures to come later- Jeff and I both forgot our computer charger so I have to wait until Eric is home from school to charge the computer for pictures!!!

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