Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm was dreaming of a White Christmas.... AND I GOT IT!!!
Hopefully this was just the first White Christmas for Emma to enjoy!
Hopefully the rest will be healthy ones!

(This is in Kim's back yard. I just thought it looked so pretty and had to take a few pictures of course:)!!!!)

What a WONDERFUL day! I would not change anything about it (well..... maybe the health of some of those we were with!!!).
There are 100's.... no joke!!!! AND hundreds of pictures.... here are a few of them....

The Sisters weren't and still aren't so sure about their crazy aunt and the camera:)

Papa you are SOOOO funny!

If I smile will you get out of my face with that camera?????!!!!!

Emma LOVES her bouncy ball but this one was almost as big as her!!

Mema and Me:)

One of MANY naps at Aunt Kims

Aidan and me...

I LOVE this one!!!
Emma got a new sister today... Well Lilly got a new sister and Aidan had to make sure Zooka and the Sisters were in the photo with Emma!

MY FAVORITE TOY at Mema and Papa's!!!

The start of Christmas Morning!

(I have to go through today's pictures still so this is as far as I am going to go!!!!)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas night! I am enjoying the first night with a somewhat healthy, sleeping baby! I just hope it last the rest of the night!!!

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