Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I can't seem to get the ones that I took on my phone from the trip so here are some that I had...

Maybe this is why she is sick....

Before the FUN trip!!!

On the road.... just a few of what I got. It was A LOT worst then it appears in the photos!

Having a snack at Mema's! She gives me the good food Mommy doesn't!!!

D is being so nice and sharing her mommy!!


Delaney has the most beautiful eyes! She is not so sure about the camera though so you may not get to see what they really look like!!!
D- Get used to the camera when Aunt Jill is around!!!

What a pretty girl!

On the MOVE!

Look at her look at him!!!
She is mesmerized by him and smiles whenever he walks by!

That looks like an interesting toy..... Will you teach me how to play???

Aidan would give Zooka to Emma to make her happy. Whenever she whined he would give it to her because it makes him feel better so it will make her feel better!

Daddy Time!!

Aidan figured it was ok to play with Emma's Christmas Present early! He wanted to make sure that it wasn't broken:)

Aidan wanted to be just like Emma and sit in her chair! He is so in love!

Having fun with Mema!

Jumping with Daddy

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