Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Part II at Papa and Mema's

After opening gifts at home and playing with the toys we headed over papa and Mema's to see what Santa brought to their house!
He has the hang of it now!!

Just what she wanted!!!!

Making sure her brother doesn't get too close to HER horsey!!
My little Model!

Now she can check all her animals!  Future Vet!

Aidan reading a letter from Mema and Papa... the last present was a suitcase....  We are heading to FLORIDA!!!!  Emma keeps asking when we are going on a plane to Mema's beach!!!

Aidan wished on a star a few weeks ago to finding tickets to florida... his wish came true!!!

What a wonderful day it was!  After naps (for my kids) everyone came over here for dinner.  I think I ate more in 24hours then I have in a month!  Gotta love the holidays!  January 1st it is back on track.  I figure I need to give myself time to eat the leftovers:) 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a very HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

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