Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Germs and sickness really doesn't care what day it is... Liam and Emma are fighting some sort of bug and still are.  Liam is on a 20 day antibiotic and Emma well we need to get back to the doctor.  I was worried about the flu because Saturday night I put her to bed with 103.5 temp and she had been complaining about her head hurting all day. She seemed much better Sunday but can't kick this cough that she has basically had for weeks.  Kim and Eric's family were fighting the nasty stomach bug until Sunday night!  Luckily they were all better and we were still able to go up there Christmas eve. 

We decided with all the germs that were going around and the ones our kids had that they did not need to go to church and pass germs to other or catch anything else.  So Kim and I went back to high school days and went to church just us with the parents:)
Had to get some photos so dressed the littles up in the AM for some photos.  Not so easy with Liam and Emma's "fake" smile!

 WE DID IT WE DID IT!  Liam decided to do the Dora dance and Emma has to follow along!  Whatever one does the other HAS to do!!

After church we headed to Aunt Kim's house for the first gifts of Christmas!  They LOVED getting gifts!!!
 These guys were VERY patient waiting to open their gifts!!!



Always had to check to see what her brother got!!
 HESS Helecopters!!

 My favorite picture!!!  These are some VERY lucky kids!!!
 Cookie time for santa!  Liam was more concerned that the fire wasn't going.  He is obsessed with helping Jeff with it and he wanted the FI-FI on!!
 SANTA arrived!!  Mommy snuck down to get some pictures before anyone got up!  Santa was so quiet he didn't even wake Guinness!

 Guinness got a stocking and she wanted to get into it early!!!

 Note from Santa! 

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